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Green globe: Spanish to English environmental and energy translation

Whether you’re communicating your environmental performance to the public, presenting your product or services to stakeholders or preparing technical documentation for engineers, a good translation is key to clear communication and helps ensure you look professional and authoritative. First impressions count and a good translation is an integral part of building trust and establishing a strong rapport with your customers, the public, investors and other stakeholders. Moreover, when it comes to technical translations, a good translation can mean the difference between success and failure. And the consequence of the latter can be serious.

How I can help you

Working closely with my clients, I ensure they communicate clearly and effectively with their target audiences. I can help make websites, brochures and sales literature look professional to your clients. I ensure the key messages behind market research, sustainability reports, and corporate social responsibility material are communicated clearly and professionally. And I also make sure technical texts like instruction manuals and specifications can be correctly understood by the right people.

Experience and background

If you’re looking for a translator who is as enthusiastic about karst formations, step-down transformers and biochemical oxygen demand as he is about carbon emissions and permaculture, you’ve come to the right place. With a scientific education and extensive experience working with technical Spanish to English environmental and energy translations, I can help make sure you get it right. Whether it’s wind farms, marine energy, sustainable transport, geotechnical studies or the environmental impact of mining, your text is in safe hands.

I maintain specialist glossaries in fields such as renewable energy, environmental sciences and climate change. I also work with technical dictionaries and regularly undertake continuing professional development in these fields (e.g. the UN:CCLearn’s Introductory E-Course on Climate Change).

Prediction or projection? Using the right terminology

In the field of climate change, there is a difference between prediction and projection. According to UN:CCLearn, the former is “an attempt to produce an estimate of the actual evolution of the climate in the future”. The latter is “the simulated response of the climate system to a scenario of future emissions”. At first sight, this might seem like splitting hairs. However, distinctions like these can be crucial for people working in the field. And they’re crucial too when it comes to producing good translations.

Benefits of working with me

  • Expertise: doctoral-level education and ten years’ experience as a Spanish to English translator.
  • Peace of mind: someone who takes the time to get your translation just right.
  • Attention to detail: correct referencing in reports, adherence to style guides, and consistent and accurate use of terminology.
  • The personal touch: direct communication with the person translating your text.

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