How are my fees calculated?

My fees for Spanish to English translations are based on the following factors:

  • Word count – the number of words in your document
  • Research – any additional research that may be required (e.g. for complex terminology and sourcing published translations of quotes for academic writing)
  • Typesetting – any special formatting and DTP work that may be required for non-editable file formats such as PDFs
  • Repetition – any repetition within and across documents
  • Independent review – whether the text will be independently read by another professional translator (recommended for customer-facing texts and texts for publication).

Rates 2020

Spanish to English translation

Includes consultation, standard terminology and background research, drafting, editing and revising the translation, proofreading of printouts and one round of queries. Additional charges may apply if extensive terminology research, bibliographic work or typesetting is required. These are charged at the hourly rate for revision, editing and proofreading.

  • EUR 0.13 per source word
  • GBP 0.11 per source word

Independent revision by a second professional translator

Without exception, four eyes are always better than two. While every effort is made to ensure texts are error-free, translators are human and mistakes occasionally slip through the net. If your text is customer-facing or intended for publication, you should have it revised by a second independent translator.

  • EUR 0.038 per source word
  • GBP 0.032 per source word

Revision, editing and proofreading

  • EUR 41 per hour
  • GBP 36 per hour

Minimum charge

  • EUR 50
  • GBP 50

Urgency and extended deadlines

Surcharges may apply for urgent translations.

Discounts may be possible if a quick turnaround is not required.

Payment terms

Credit terms (strictly 30 days) may be available to businesses and registered organizations. For private clients I request full payment in advance.

Payment can be made via bank transfer, UK cheque or credit card via Transferwise.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all work is subject to my Terms of Business.