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Books: Spanish to English academic translationPublishing your work creates a permanent written record. In the increasingly competitive world of academia, where reputations are built on words, it’s in your best interests to ensure the work you publish is of the highest possible quality. Good writing can often make the difference between work being accepted for publication or being turned down. This means that commissioning a translator to translate an article for publication is an important investment. But good academic translations are about so much more than translating words.

To ensure your work has the maximum impact on its target readers, you need a translator who understands the principles of good academic writing and is able to present your research in the best possible light, helping shape your reputation in the English-speaking world.

The nuts and bolts of academic writing

I provide academic translations in the humanities and social sciences and have experience working in disciplines ranging from politics, ecology and sociology through to gender studies, philosophy and literary criticism. See my list of published translations for more details. I have worked on many different types of projects, from conference papers, articles and book chapters, through to preparing collections of documents for research databases.

In addition to my translation work, I also have a PhD in Translation Studies from the University of Edinburgh. Part of my academic development involved numerous courses on academic writing, as well as publishing my own research. All invaluable training for an academic translator.

I can help you meet the stylistic requirements of your intended publication and ensure your texts meet referencing standards like Harvard, APA or MLA.

Benefits of working with me

  • Expertise: doctoral-level education and ten years’ experience as a Spanish to English translator.
  • Peace of mind: someone who takes the time to get your translation just right.
  • Attention to detail: correct referencing in reports, adherence to style guides, and consistent and accurate use of terminology.
  • The personal touch: direct communication with the person translating your text.

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