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Map of Latin America: Spanish to English international development translationIn a world in which resources are scarce and every dollar of funding counts, clear and effective communication is key to working efficiently and preventing misunderstandings across cultures and languages. Whether for internal communication, public relations or funding applications, investing in a good translation is money well spent.

Cultural insight: a translator who understands Latin America

Over a decade of experience of Latin America and Latin American Spanish, including five years living in Chile, gives me the cultural and linguistic background needed to understand what’s happening on the ground, whether it’s mosquito nets in the tropics or environmental conflicts in southern Patagonia. I’ve spent time in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and Paraguay, and worked with documents from many other countries in Central and South America.

Clarity and precision: the language of international development

In a multilingual environment the ability to communicate clearly and concisely is more than just desirable. It’s essential. A funding panel doesn’t want to waste time trying to understand what an author means or searching for missing data. Similarly, readers of reports and publications don’t just want them to be written in good English. They expect it.

My experience working on Spanish to English projects for major international organizations, including United Nations agencies, means I can help you communicate effectively. I can help you cut through jargon and imprecise formulations to make your text clearer without sacrificing meaning. What’s more, by combining my knowledge and experience with specialist proofreading software, I can make sure your documents conform to expected writing conventions and guidelines.

Cutting through convoluted writing


The aim of the programme is the improvement of the effectiveness of the work of pedagogic human resources for the purpose of improving of the performance of the scheme. To achieve this, there will be an implementation of actions at the national level to create the possibility of modifications to the methods of implementation for the project, including, but not limited to, the following activities: carrying out an evaluation of performance on a daily basis; coming to an agreement on the actions to bring about improvements; the construction of new ways of thinking about the scheme that facilitate changes in its structure; and the introduction of new M&E initiatives at the local level.


The programme aims to help teachers improve the scheme’s performance. This will be achieved by national initiatives that make it possible to change how the project is implemented, including the following activities:

  • daily performance evaluation
  • agreeing the measures for making improvements
  • developing new ways of thinking about the scheme to help change its structure
  • introducing new local monitoring and evaluation initiatives.

Benefits of working with me

  • Expertise: doctoral-level education and ten years’ experience as a Spanish to English translator.
  • Peace of mind: someone who takes the time to get your translation just right.
  • Attention to detail: correct referencing in reports, adherence to style guides, and consistent and accurate use of terminology.
  • The personal touch: direct communication with the person translating your text.

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